Mage Tower Games has a mixture of games that are sure to satisfy the masses. 

Collectable Card Games

Our extensive offering of Magic the Gathering, Dungeons & Dragons, and various other role based games will be sure to excite the advanced players. 

Table Top / Board Games

For your average gamer, we offer a variety of games from Bang! to Monopoly, Chess, and cards against humanity. 

Digital Gaming

We offer digital gaming on custom built desktops, consoles, virtual reality and more!

- Option 1: The "Guest"

Our standard rate for digital gaming is $5/hour. 

- Option 2: The "Training Mage" Member

The "Training Mage" membership which is a perfect fit for any member anticipating hanging with us for 10+ hours per month. This membership is $20/month and reduces your hourly rate to $3. 

- Option 3: The "Fire Mage" member

The "Fire Mage" membership is $50, which knocks your hourly rate to $1.50/hour. This membership is great for anyone hanging with us for more than 20/hours a month. 

Gaming options

- Oculus Quest 2

- Desktop Gaming (Steam, Blizzard, Minecraft, epic, and more)

- Collectable Card Games (Pokemon, Magic the Gathering, etc..)

- Table Top Gaming (D&D)

- Board Games (Monopoly, Chess, Checkers, etc..) 

- Card Games (Uno, Bang!, etc..)