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Cards Against Humanity

Doomlings: Overlush

Doomlings: Overlush

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Each Doomlings: Overlush Mystery Expansion Box will come with 4 packs, each containing 15 cards. The exact cards in each pack are a mystery.

All Overlush cards are divided into a new 5-tier rarity system. The first 7 cards you’ll see when you open a pack will be from the Common tier. These are standard traits and ages to expand your Doomlingsexperience.

The next 5 are Unusual cards. The traits and ages in this tier feature more intricate effects for seasoned Doomlings players.

The 2 cards that precede the final card will be from 1 of 3 tiers: Scarce, the first tier with dominant traits; Endangered, featuring more unique and exciting cards; and Legendary, a tier reserved for the most elusive traits and ages.

The last card in every pack will be a guaranteed holofoil version of any 1 of the 170+ cards in the Overlush collection. It can be a trait or age from any of the aforementioned rarity tiers.

Doomlings: Overlush Mystery Expansion Boxes are designed to work just like any other expansion: simply open your packs, add the cards to your game, and you're ready to play!

*contains 4x packs of 15 cards of varying rarities (total 56 cards + 4 holofoils). 6 mystery boxes per case. 

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